If you are interested in being involved in The Hangar mission, the first step is prayer. Pray. What are your gifts and talents? How do you feel called to be a part. We want to help guide our volunteers to  the gifting that God has given each one of us, and use that gift for His glory. Let's work together to figure out where you can join in, where God is already working, to do the work that God created you to do. Part of our mission is helping The Homeless find their way home (through discipleship, mentoring, and family relationships), but the other part is helping our community change the status quo and work together toward a solution to homelessness that is not only compassionate, but sustainable. 

Empowerment, dignity, neighboring, development, and family are our core values  at The Hangar. We have framed our strategy around what we have learned biblically, and from the foundational concepts in the books When Helping Hurts written by Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbet and Toxic Charity, and Charity Detox written by Robert Lupton, and the lessons that we have learned through Mission Waco / Mission World.

We ask you to read each of these books, learn about Mission Waco, and spend some time with us to ensure that you are on board with the methods and strategies that we adhere to.  It's of the utmost importance to us that we help without hurting. 



Dark Furnitures

 Our Operational Support Team ia committed to spending time hanging out at The Hangar Home. Not doing anything specific, but just whatever is needed. Just like being at home, sometimes it could look like having a conversation at the table, doing a bible study, welcoming guests, cleaning up, helping prepare a meal, playing a game, or watching a movie. This team is very flexible, laid back, and deeply invested in our family on a peer to peer, one on one level.


homeless boy holding a cardboard house,

 We do some street outreach, but not as much as we used to do. We try to be careful and respect the privacy of our friends, and we don't want to draw any unnecessary attention to their camping places, since this could potentially put them in jeopardy.

 We need a team of about three people who feel called to go into places that many could never go, and see things that not everyone is prepared to see. The goal of Outreach is to meet people where they are, and encourage them to come and connect with us at The Hangar, by building relationships of trust. Sometimes we meet people in crisis situations and will try and help them navigate their way through the crisis time, and get to a place where we can truly help them.


Steering Wheel

 We have had many friends that were ready to go back to the place they once called home. Sometimes that is another Texas city, and sometimes its another state. Sometimes we can help them with a train or bus ticket, and sometimes we take them all the way to their destination. 

 We have also transported to residential drug / alcohol rehab centers, if thats what we need to do to help get our friends get the help they need. 

Our transportation team is standing by to help them get to a place of safety and refuge. This team is  also deeply invested in our family, and has established relationships of trust and love.

“Helping strategies, if indeed they are to be ultimately helpful, demand careful examination of long-term implications. There is no guarantee that unexamined charity will have a redemptive outcome simply because it ‘seems right’ or feels good to the giver.” 
― Robert D. Lupton