Frequently Asked Questions

         Do you take donations of clothes, furniture, or other household items?
We do not accept donations of household items, clothes, or furniture. We don't have a place to store such items, so instead we choose to support the organizations that operate second hand stores in our community. Salvation Army is a great one, and we have a great relationship with them. If we have someone in need, we can take them and receive a voucher for the items needed. The proceeds from their stores goes to the Adult Rehabilitation Centers nation wide, and we have been directly impacted by their program. 
         Is The Hangar an overnight shelter? 
 No, it is not. It is a private residence owned by the 501c(3) The Hangar. We say it is our home, but it is 100% owned by the Non Profit. It is to be used as any residence would be used. We can invite guests in just as we would our own home. Our focus is the unsheltered homeless. We will operate during normal business hours, but will have some special events after hours.
        Who can receive services at The Hangar?
 This is key. Our homeless friends who sleep outside. Our focus is  the unsheltered homeless, who will not stay at a shelter, and most times will not seek the services that are available in our community. 
Homeless individuals, that are already staying at one of the local shelters, are already able to receive all of the services that we can offer and more. We work to help our friends regain trust in systems, and get to a place where they will engage with organizations and services that can help them overcome their barriers.
        What services are available at The Hangar?
 We have two restrooms with showers, washers and dryers, social workers who come on a regular basis, and volunteers who come to do haircuts. All of the comforts of home, including a full kitchen where we can prepare and eat meals as a family. We do bible studies, watch christian tv programs, play board games. If services are needed (by an individual) that we cannot provide, we can connect with community partners to get those services.  
        I have heard that you give out bikes at The Hangar, Is this true?
 We occasionally have used bikes that we can give to our unsheltered homeless friends, that are invested in our program and work to earn them. Donated bikes are used, and usually need some repair. We have tools and parts to repair them, and can help do the repairs if they need help. We usually don’t just give things away, especially things like bikes.  We work on building trust through relationships, and dignity by empowering individuals to do what they can for themselves. As we read in Charity Detox (and we earnestly believe): No one in our community is so poor that they have nothing to contribute. Everyone has something to contribute. When you do for others what they have the capacity to do for themselves: you disempower them.
        Do you have a paid staff? How are you funded?
 We do not have a paid staff. We are completely dependent on the financial support of people like you, and volunteers who believe in and value the work that we are doing.  100% of all money raised in the last 3 years has gone toward the construction of The Hangar Home. We are nearing completion, but there are still significant needs to complete this project. Please consider partnering with us, your donation of any size is greatly needed and appreciated. 

“If we reduce human beings to being simply physical—as Western thought is prone to do—our poverty-alleviation efforts will tend to focus on material solutions. But if we remember that humans are spiritual, social, psychological, and physical beings, our poverty-alleviation efforts will be more holistic in their design and execution.” 

― Steve Corbett, When Helping Hurts