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The Hangar was originally an old abandoned Quonset Hut that we have remodeled into a private residence. This is the heart of our mission. We invite our homeless friends inside our home, and away from all of the stress that comes from the streets. This is where we spend time together investing in relationships, and these relationships are the foundation for everything we do.


Our home is a place of safety and refuge where each individual can feel comfortable taking the next step in their journey toward ending their homeless situation, with the confidence that they are not alone.  In our home we strive to cultivate a culture of family and community.

Our mission is to end homelessness by helping individuals find hope, healing, and restoration. Our methods and approach are unconventional and organic, but they work. We believe housing alone will never end homelessness, but community will. 




It is our belief that the root cause of homelessness is not mental illness, substance use / abuse, a criminal back ground, job loss, or even loss of housing.
The root issue is the loss (or even absence) of family all the way from the beginning. Broken homes, Foster Care, domestic violence, addiction, child abuse, etc., have all played a role.  Housing alone will never fix this problem.

Our strategy is to Cultivate healthy family relationships and community.  Our foundation is simply Jesus. 

      As Christ-followers we strive to be obedient to the word of God who calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our strategy is to simply live and love like      Jesus, and to make a tangible difference in the lives of every individual that we serve by walking side by side in humble, empowering, relationships.

We believe that God created us to be in community, and the first community he created was family. 

     As humans, we all crave a sense of belonging. We all want to know that we belong somewhere, and family is the strongest bond of belonging there is.

Every individual has their own story, their own strengths and weaknesses, their own gifts and talents. 

Our strategy is to create authentic, healthy, Christ-centered, family relationships of trust and love that lead to wholeness, wellness, and the ability of every individual to recognize their own inherent dignity and self-worth. 


There are times when helping can be counterproductive, and we end up enabling the same individuals we are trying to help. Our strategy of helping is founded on principles and philosophies from the books When Helping Hurts and Toxic Charity, and has three phases; Crisis, Rehabilitation, and Development. 

In a crisis situation, we provide Relief from immediate suffering, but after the Crisis situation has been resolved, we build relationships, set goals, and work toward those goals. Even if it's baby steps, We move away from one way giving toward Rehabilitation and eventually the Development phase.


Rehabilitation and Development phases of helping require mutual participation and empower individuals as we do "with' and not "for".

We walk alongside individuals and advocate for them as they begin to feel empowered to do what they can for themselves.

Partnership with our community is one of our most important strategies.

 Partnership and  Collaboration in Mission is not only the most efficient and effective method, but it is also an outward reflection of our unity and submission to Christ who called us to be the Church. We all have different functions, but we are one body.

We have been blessed to learn and grow along side those whom God is using in our city. We work in Collaboration and in Partnership with organizations like Mission Waco, Salvation Army, and Throwing Aces. We also work with and we are supported by many local churches in our city.


We have been commissioned to share what we have learned so that mission leaders and workers in our city can work together in unity and strength toward ending homelessness for individuals in our city.




501c(3)       EIN 30-1009442



417 South 17th St   Waco, Texas 76706



M-F 8am - 12pm 




The Hangar is not an overnight shelter.

If you are seeking shelter services or housing

information please call 211.

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