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Changing lives


Katina had been homeless for so long that she had lost all hope and longing to get off of the street. She had lost faith in the systems that could save her, and she had lost her sense of humanity in the process. We met her right after she had lost her ID card. In the process of replacing it, we built trust and friendship with her and were able to advocate for her. The process snowballed, and she was not only able to reclaim her identity, but also her hope for a better future.


One of the  systemic issues of homelessness is mental illness. The side effects of the medication for Josh’s illness made it more difficult for him to feel like someone whose life mattered. (especially when living inside) When we met him, he was in his darkest place. The things that were supposed to help end his homelessness almost ended his life. We started by building trust with him and showing him that his life was valuable. In gaining back his sense of self-worth, he also found his freedom.


The Hangar is focused on creating tangible and lasting change in the lives of our homeless friends. This often involves more than simply meeting the physical needs of the individual, although that is important. In order to create a true change within the lives of anyone, it requires a relationship.

We follow the example set by Jesus Christ in His ministry on Earth as we seek to minister to those in need and embody a beacon of hope to the world. 

This requires a process. It is far from easy, but we have seen the love of Jesus radically change the lives of those we serve. Just as the people we help did not find themselves in their current situation overnight, so too does lasting change require time. These are the stories of a few of the men and women who have  found hope, meaning, love, and acceptance through The Hangar ministry.

Nobody can help everybody, but anybody can help somebody. - Denver, Same Kind of Different As Me

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 The Hangar team is  volunteer based, passionate, and ministry-focused. Everything we do is aimed at accomplishing the mission of bringing lasting change into the lives of the homeless community of Waco, Texas.

The Hangar 501(c)3 was founded by Dusty and Laurie Kirk, veterans of the

United States Air Force with a heart for the homeless.

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At the Hangar

we HeLPthose who have lost their way navigate their journey home.

we RESTOREthe essence of family by being the love of  JESUSand creating community.

we  Provide a home away from homelessness

where people feel they are

valued, and seen. 

In order to show every homeless person in Waco the life-changing power of Jesus

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